Patent Holders Trying To Obstruct Michael Jackson’s Hologram Lose

Michael Jackson’s hologram at the Billboard Music Awards this year was probably one of the most sensational music events. Apparently, patent holders owning rights to the hologram technology tried to stop this performance, but failed.

Michael Jackson hologram

The hologram of the legendary singer, Michael Jackson, performed on the song ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ which is part of his new, posthumous album ‘Xscape.’ Before the event, patent holders Hologram USA and Musion Das Hologram had claimed that the performance infringed their patents.

The absurd claim was shot down by a Las Vegas federal judge. Judge Kent Dawson ruled that the plaintiffs didn’t provide adequate arguments to convince the court that the said performance would infringe their patents in any way. According to his ruling, “Plaintiffs have failed to carry their burden of demonstrating that Defendants likely infringe either of the asserted patents.”

Attorneys representing the Billboard Music Awards cited that the ‘process’ of conjuring up a hologram was in the public domain and no one had rights to the said process. Lawyers representing the patent holders, however, said that they would continue the fight the case. According to the attorney representing the patent companies, “It’s only the very beginning of a case that will continue to be prosecuted by my clients, and ultimately they are confident that they will prevail and will recover all available damages for the defendants’ infringing conduct.”

Regardless of this legal quibble, the performance of Jackson as a hologram at the event was a shattering success. The crowd went wild at the very real 3D image of Jackson moving, dancing and singing on the stage. Some were seen teary-eyed, perhaps secretly hoping that this was a reality and not merely an illusion.

Courtesy: Arstechnica

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