Peter Jackson Explains Why He Shot ‘The Hobbit’ At 48fps

Peter Jackson is all set to take us back to the world of hobbits and middle earth with his new trilogy ‘The Hobbit.’ While the world earnestly awaits the release of the trilogy, scheduled in December, Pater Jackson has explained on his Facebook page why he decided to shoot ‘The Hobbit’ at a frame rate of 48 frames per second.

The Hobbit

According to Jackson, the frame rate at which movies are commonly shot has been relatively low since many decades. And that this had been so despite the fact that the human eye couldn’t perceive most details at that frame rate, namely 24 fps.

Now that the cinemas are all set with 3D capabilities and 3D movies are fast becoming the norm, there is no reason that high-frame rates should finally become mainstream, he says. He further states that by shooting his new movie trilogy at 48 fps, he wanted to know the viewers ‘just how remarkably immersive the theatrical cinema experience can be.’

Jackson gives a rather fair analysis when he says that today’s cinemas have to compete with the likes of iPads and other devices with high-resolution displays. And to keep the magic of cinematic experience alive, filmmakers have to deploy the latest and most advanced technologies in creating their movies.

He promises us that the experience of watching ‘The Hobbit’ is going to be as immersive a cinematic experience as it can be.

Source: Facebook

Courtesy: The Verge

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