[Video] Watch How RC Helicopters Could Be Your Personal Flying Carrier

Many people have desire to fly in the air, but how many people get a chance to fulfill that wish? But it seems like two toy helicopters can fulfill that wish and could be your personal flying carrier. Don’t believe? Then you must see this woman flying hanging from two toy helicopters!

Woman Hanging In Air With Two Toy Helicopters

This woman has been lifted into the air by two separate RC helicopters. You can see the woman has hold the rings with her hands and the rings are attached by two cables with two RC helicopters. The copters didn’t take the lady too high.

Note that, this is the first ever remote-controlled human flight, achieved by two RC helicopters. The helicopters effortlessly lifted the woman in the air. Most people thought this was never possible and any such action had to end with injury or worse. But Heligraphix, who conducted the experiment, was quite confident that nothing worse will happen. Here’s the video.

Source: HeliGraphix (YouTube)

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