Spotify Starts Offering ‘Discover’ Feature On iOS App

Apple recently launched itself into the online radio arena by officially unveiling iTunes Radio. Embedded within the iOS Music app, iTunes Radio has the potential of taking millons of iOS users away from other online radio services. Spotify is evidently up for the competition and has now made its ‘Discover’ feature available on the Spotify iOS app.

Spotify Discover feature

The key feature of iTunes Radio is, Apple claims, that it will be able to deliver music to the users based on their listening habits. Spotify has been offering a similar feature called ‘Discover’ for a while now, although the feature wasn’t formerly available on its iOS app.

The Discover feature is essentially a news feed which offers you songs and playlists based on your listening habits. In other words, it automatically recommends you such tracks which may suit your taste in music.

Spotify has now updated its iOS app with this feature and has added a number of other improvements to the app too. Although the ‘Discover’ feature is part of the iOS app, users won’t be able to enjoy it on iPad or other iOS devices. Rather, for now, Spotify has limited the roll out to iPhone users alone.

Interestingly, many reports suggest that a select few iPhone users have been able to access the updated Spotify iOS app before today’s roll out. This may have been a beta test by Spotify to gauge how effective and well-functional the new feature was working on iPhone devices.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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