James Bond’s New Film “Skyfall” Is Inspired By Stuxnet Virus

James Bond’s new film “Skyfall” has gotten huge praise. After seeing the film, when the producer was asked, “From where he got the inspiration to make this film?”, he simply replied “from Stuxnet,” a highly sophisticated computer worm that was created to infiltrate Iran’s national networks.

Daniel Craig as James Bond in "Skyfal"

James Bond uses very innovative but unusual gadgets that helps him to fight against villains and to come out from dangers. Till now, you have found no such films of James Bond where he hasn’t used any gadgets. But the last release of the series, Skyfall, is totally different from the previous films. Why? Because in this film, for the first time, James Bond hasn’t used any extraordinary gadget. This time he goes about the mission with a slim briefcase filled with the most basic of spy tools given by gadget-maker Q and fights against a high-tech villain with computer prowess. That means viewers will get the same action but in a new way.

Skyfall producer Michael G. Wilson told FoxNews.com that the idea of creating a high-tech villain with computer prowess came from “Stuxnet,” a highly sophisticated computer worm. Wilson said, “‘There is a cyberwar that has been going on for some time, and we thought we’d bring that into the fore and let people see how it could be going on.”

Source : Fox News

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