Photographer Shoots Stunning Surfing Video With GoPro Camera And Quadcopter

Shooting quality videos once used to be a tough nut to crack, given the price of the right equipment. But that has changed in the last few years. Eric Sterman has now shot a brilliant surfing video using a GoPro camera and a small drone.

Surfing video

A few years back, you needed a ride on a helicopter to get a good enough aerial view of a dynamic sport such as surfing. Today, this is possible by purchasing a cheap quadcopter and appending your video camera with it. Quadcopters can typically be controlled easily from the ground, so even for amateur photographs, they are very handy.

Sterman decided to shoot his video at Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii, which is one of the most tough spots for surfing. The waves in the area are huge and crash down hard near the coast. Using a GoPro camera and a DJI Phantom quadcopter, Sterman was able to get an excellent aerial view of the surfers riding these huge waves.

Naturally, his editing skills are also involved in turning the video from a raw shoot into a seamless flurry of brilliant and extended scenes. You feel like flying right on top of the open sea and watching tiny spots, the human surfers, braving the waves and surviving them. In all, this is probably one of the best video footage of surfing, captured without any high-end gear.

Source: Sterman
Courtesy: TNW

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