Google Is Seeking License For Internet-Streamed Television Service

Recently, many tech sites reported about Apple trying to finalize deals with content producers, so as to kick start its own online video streaming services. Now, reports suggest that Google is making a similar move, trying to bag the license for an Internet TV streaming service.

Google TV

Google isn’t exactly following in Apple’s footsteps. The company plans to launch an Internet-based TV streaming service that will be provided to the users through a broadband connection. A number of companies are already offering similar services.

However, Google’s foray into the arena of internet connectivity has been rather recent. The company is expanding its internet connectivity services and in that context, it seems natural that the company would try to bundle other services with it.

Google has reportedly demonstrated the service in front of at least one of the content-producing companies, in a bid to get a content licensing deal. It isn’t clear how successful this sales pitch has been and it would be a long while before any deal materializes between the two.

In the past too, the search giant has attempted to launch a similar venture, but the plan was given up before such a venture could even be launched. But now that Google is emerging as a significant player in the internet connectivity arena, there’s a very real possibility that content firms may come around and join hands with it. However, if Google is eventually able to launch an internet TV streaming service of its own, it will have to compete against a number of formidable rivals.

Courtesy: Slashgear

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