Hacker Creates An Air Hockey Robot Using A 3D Printer

3D printer is now being used to create many things. Lately, a hacker named Jose Julio has used a 3D printer to create air hockey robot.

Air Hockey Robot
Air Hockey Robot

Julio is a fun loving person and often comes up with lots of amazing ideas. However, he brought a new 3D printer for himself and decided to hack it and make it an awesome air hockey robot for his daughter. Julio knew that it would be quiet “complicated” for him to make an air hockey robot, but at thew same time he thought that making such a robot would be a fun. However, while creating, Julio had to take care of many factors of this robot like speed, trajectory and decision making.

After long effort, Julio finally made this air hockey robot using a 3D printer. The robot moves in two-dimensions and it can predict puck’s movements, trajectory and can also decide when to attack, defend & defend+attack. The robot can also adjust the difficulty level via settings. Here’s a video of air hockey robot which has been created using a 3D printer.

If you are interested, you can learn more on this on Jose Julio’s blog.

Source: Jose Julio (Blog)

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