Bossa Nova Robotics Introduces mObi Which Uses A Ball To Maintain Balance

Most of the cutting-edge robots that we have recently seen have wheels to help them move around. However, Bossa Nova Robotics has introduced a research platform called mObi which uses a giant ball instead of wheels to keep itself in balance.

mObi personal ballbot

The design of the robot is certainly cutting-edge and is inspired from the ‘Ballbot’ which was created by Professor Ralph Hollis, the first robot which was able to balance and move on a ball. The mObi platform is also being deemed as a personal Ballbot.

The new mObi has extensive applications in a number of places such as offices and hospitals. It has a height of 57 inches and on the top, it comes with a dock which can easily carry a laptop or a tablet. So when being used in offices, mObi can be used to make FaceTime calls and more.

The functionality of mObi is further enhanced by another additional feature. With the help of a PrimeSense sensor, the robot can discern the exact location of the user and then move near the user so as to be readily accessible.

Imagine a doctor using the mObi to take notes of a patient’s condition and while moving from one bed to another, he is being followed by mObi, always at hand. While that may be possible in the coming years, mObi is still not readily equipped to move on different kinds of floors. For instance, it may not be able to move from a carpet to a tiled portion.

The good news is that as per the rumors, the price of mObi is going to be relatively low, thus making it affordable for different companies who may want to know how viable it may be in professional work settings. In the meantime, you can check the platform in action in the video below.

Source: Bosa Nova Robotics
Courtesy: Gizmag

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