China Successfully Flies Its First Stealth Drone

China has been working on developing stealth aircrafts for many years. The country has already created fighter stealth aircrafts such as J-20 and J-31 and has now successfully flown its first ever stealth drone.

Chinese stealth drone

On Thursday, a drone called ‘Sharp Sword‘ took a test flight of about 20 minutes. The test flight was conducted in the area of Chengdu, marking the first ever successful drone flight by China.

Other countries that currently own unmanned drones include US, UK, France and Israel. US has frequently deployed its drones to attack alleged terrorists in different parts of the world as well as for surveillance purposes. The rising popularity of drones among different nations have raised concerns regarding the privacy of common citizens and the legitimacy of unmanned drones.

With ‘Sharp Sword‘, China has nearly completed the full set of its latest aircrafts. The country has already developed some of the latest aerial machines, matching their US counterparts. In a bid to balance the tilt of air power, China has created aerial systems which look much alike the US Reaper or Predator planes.

The successful test flight of a stealth drone by China is a cause of worry for many of its neighbors. China has issues over disputed terroritory with certain other countries, including Japan. With a constantly developing and improving aerial power, such disputes may be resolved through power, analysts fear. Although so far, the country has shown restraint in brandishing its military might, the creation of unmanned drones capable of carrying ammunition does not bode well for the region.

Courtesy: BBC


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