Shanghai Company Delivers Cake To Customers Via Drones

Earlier, we have seen drones being prepared to deliver newspapers. Lately, a Shanghai company claimed that it uses drone to deliver cakes to its customers.

Drone Delivering Cake

Shanghai based company In Cake is a bakery and delivery company. People order cakes online and the company ships the cakes via flying robots (drones). At present the company has three drones; each weighs 22 pounds and is a little more than three-and-a-half-feet in width. Each drone has six spinning rotor blades to fly, two cameras: one pointed forward within the direction the drone is flying, and the other fixed around the cake.

The drone carries only one cake inside a parcel and delivers it on time at the right place or to the right person. The drone can fly 50 meters above the ground and can go several kilometers at a stretch. A person controls the drone from nearby. Here’s a video of the drone delivering cake.

According to Males Ruifeng, the marketing manager of In Cake, the drone delivering cake is much more eco-friendly than standard delivery. But as the police authorities have complained that the drones pose a menace to public safety, so the company has stopped delivering the cake using drone.

At present, In Cake is trying to get clearance from the local civil aviation authority to resume its cake delivering service via drone.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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