Create A Robot Anywhere Using ‘Multiplo Kit’ Without Knowing Robotics [Kickstarter]

In order to make a robot, it’s not necessary to have educational background in Robotics Engineering all the time. You can even create a robot by using kit. We already have published a lot of amazing projects that were seeking fund in Kickstarter, a great platform where project creators inspire people to open their wallets by offering products, benefits, and fun experiences. Now, a new and a very interesting project is seeking funds through Kickstarter. Using ‘Multiplo’ kit, anyone can build a robot, anywhere!

Build Robot Anywhere By Using 'Multiplo' Kit

Using Multiplo Robot Building Kit, anyone can not only create his very own robot but also can program and control it. There is a box in which creators get laser-cut components for frames, hinges, wheels and gears. The parts are designed in such away that users can fit them without using any other tools except the tools inside the box. There is a robotic brain named DuinoBot which lies under the body parts (head/top). The DuinoBot brain is an Arduino compatible open source board, engine, and brain. The brain runs on three rechargeable AA batteries. The batteries automatically convert the power to 12V and 5V for the moving wheels. According to Multiplo’s creators, anyone “can build a simple robot in about 45 minutes.” If you are interested to build your own robot, you’ll find some of the assembly guides at Multiplo’s website. Here’s a demo video of how to make a robot using Multiplo Robot Building Kit.

The Multiplo Robot Building Kit campaign has launched on September 5, 2012. The team which consists of a teacher, two engineers and a specialist in robotics needs $15,000 fund. Last date of funding is October 8, 2012. It means, the team has 26 days left. But the interesting thing is, as of writing, with the support of 226 backers, the team has already collected $35,391 fund.

Check the funding update below and you could fund yourself too.

Do you think, buying a Multiplo Robot Building Kit is a worthy one? Would you buy the kit? Do share your thoughts with us.

Source : Kickstarter

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