Japanese Two-armed Robots Replace Human From Doing Risky Lab Work

We have seen many robots earlier. Recently, Japan has developed a two-armed robot called “Mahoro”. This two-armed robot can automate laboratory work and handle dangerous materials like bio-hazards. Now lab workers can remain safe as robots can do the risky lab works.

Mahoro Doing Risky Lab Work, Image Credit : Screenshot From YouTube Video

The two-armed robot Mahoro is jointly developed by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) and Yaskawa Electric Corporation. This robot is marketed by Nikkyo Technos Co.,Ltd.. As the robot’s arms have seven joints, its arms movement are alike human arms movement. It can work on things like flu testing as well as handle bio-hazards.

The robot can be easily taught what to do by using a virtual lab bench created with CAD software. The system also lets programmers set up the tools in the most efficient arrangement for maximum speed. As the two-armed robot is faster and more precise than experienced laboratory technicians to do the hazardous lab works, so Mahoro is being used in labs at pharmaceutical companies and universities.

As the robot is able to handle hazardous materials, so, it has replaced human from doing risky lab work. Check the video below.

Source : diginfo.tv

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