Mob Tries To Smuggle Cigarettes Into Russia Using Drones

Amazon may still take a decade or so before it can start its drone deliveries. But others such as the Lithuanian Mob are already implementing the idea, smuggling cigarettes into Russia using a home-made drone.

Transporter drone

Drones are becoming increasingly common with the criminal outfits. The ability to launch and control them remotely without risking any human errors or lives, makes these tiny vehicles an immensely useful tool for the criminally-minded.

Russian Federal Security Service has now revealed that it has detained a drone which was trying to smuggle cigarettes into Russia. The drone had a surprisingly large wing span of 12 feet and could carry a whopping 22 pounds of cigarettes. If the criminals are already creating such sizable drones, it is certainly an issue of concern not only for the Russian authorities but for law enforcement in other parts of the world as well.

Regulations governing drones are still yet to be devised and implemented in most countries. This means that people can still continue to use drones for a whole lot of things, from recreational sports and aerial videos to smuggling stuff. But this is the first time we have seen such a huge home-made drone put to a criminal use. It hints at the sophistication which is now available to the criminal rings and their ability to leverage the hardware on their own. It also highlights the imminent need of regulating smaller aerial vehicles now that they are becoming a common tool.

Courtesy: Vice

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