Meet J-deite Quarter: A Robot That Can Transform Itself Into A Sports Car

On the way to build a full-size transforming robot, a Japanese firm called Brave Robotics, Asratec and Takara Tommy has created a quarter-size transforming robot called J-deite Quarter. Although this version is only a few feet tall and barely resembles anything like the gigantic robots we see in the movies, the fact that it will be a real transformer outshines all other facts.


J-deite Quarter is only about 4.3 feet tall when it is geared to the robot mode, and can transform in about 30 seconds. The attributes being a little weird, the transformation still is an awe-inspiring process. The robot can also walk, but the steps does not mimic an actual stroll completely and appear quite unbalanced because of all the parts that have been compressed into its small body to make it suitable for the transformation; but that’s just another fact to be overshadowed by the other features of this robot. After the transformation and conversion, the car can drive like any other cars out there. Besides, it can walk at a highest speed of 1 kph or 0.62 mph. See the video below showing the robot being transformed and converted into a sports car.

The J-deite robot has a special kind of operating system (OS). This very OS will also be used to create the next version if this J-deite, which will be taller than this one (8.2 ft. or 2.5 m). After this model (J-deite) has been tested and given a green signal, the team will move onto working on the final version of this transformer, which will be about 16.4 ft. tall (5m). The final and tallest transformer is expected to be completed in 2020.

Unfortunately, the latest progress report video, embedded below, says that there are no plans for release.

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