Drone Survival Guide: A Guide That Helps Anyone Detecting Killer Drones And Hide From Them

There are two types of drones – one is designed for surveillance purpose and the other is designed to kill. Now a days, the situation has become like this that any time you may see a drone flying over you. But how would you know that whether it is surveillance drone or a killer drone? Keeping that in mind, Amsterdam-based designer Ruben Pater has created a guide called the Drone Survival Guide, which lets people easily detect drones and hide from killer drones.

Drone Survival Guide
Drone Survival Guide

Drone Survival Guide is actually a poster. This guide indicates each drone’s nationality and separates them into two categories: those used for surveillance only and those designed to kill. On the back of the poster, the guide imparts survival tips for spotting, hiding from, and interfering with the sensors of drones. In the above poster you will see which countries have used what types of drone for what purpose.

Tips for Hiding from Drones
Tips for Hiding from Drones

Although there are many tips written at the back of the poster, not all of them are written by Pater. Rather, Pater took several of the tips for survival from an al Qaeda guide, published by the Associated Press in January 2013. However, the tips written at the back of Pater’s poster include – “To hide under thick trees because they are the best cover against the planes,” and “Spreading the reflective pieces of glass on a car or on the roof of the building.”

You can download the Drone Survival Guide poster as a PDF in a selection of different languages. Besides, Pater’s Drone Survival Guide is available in Pashto, Dutch, German, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, and English. You can order the guide from Pater’s site.

Source: PopSci

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