NASA Built BRUIE, An Outstanding Rover That Can Roll Underside Of Ice

There are many places in space, on Earth and under water as well land where people can’t go, but chances are there could be existence of life. So space agency NASA has created an anomal but amazing rover prototype called BRUIE (Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration) that can drive on the underside of ice.

Bruie Under Water

Until now, NASA has built many rovers to deal with arid planets like Mars. But there are many planets as well as moons of those planets in the space that contain water. And unfortunately, NASA hasn’t made such rover that will dive into the water of those planets, search for life and explore for new things if needed. So keeping that in mind, NASA has made BRUIE (Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration).

Buoyant Rover for Under-Ice Exploration

BRUIE is a prototype. The specialty of BRUIE is it will jump into the water of ice, go under the ice, cling to the ice and keep itself rolling. Currently NASA is testing BRUIE underside of the thick ice of Alaska’s Sukok Lake. The rover will study the water itself, measure its salt content and temperature. Here’s a video of BRUIE in action.

In reality, NASA wants to crate such type of rover that can dive into the frozen water and ride along the underside of the surface. If BRUIE proves to be successful, then the first tentative steps towards a launch could begin in a few decades.

Source: National Geographic, Testing Under Ice (YouTube)
Thanks To: Sploid

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