Drones Being Prepared To Deliver Newspapers In France

Yesterday was April Fool (April 1) day and many people became circumvented by Google’s announcement of shutting down YouTube. But now what I’m going to share with you people is not a prank. It is being planned that drones will deliver newspapers in France. Isn’t it exciting? Keep reading for details.

Drones To Deliver Morning Paper In France

Recently La Poste Group, France’s postal service has announced on its website that it has teamed up with drone manufacturing company Parrot in order to deliver newspapers via quadricopter drones. The new way of delivering newspapers is called “Air Drone Postal.”

Postal Worker Testing Drone

At present, Parrot has made 20 drones for this purpose and the group is testing the “Parrot Air Drone Postal” service in Auvergne. Each drone can hover in between 50-meter ranges and can be operated via Wi-Fi. Twenty people who actually deliver newspapers will operate the drones via iPod Touch or iPhone or Android devices that support Parrot’s smartphone app.

The “Air Drone Postal” service is slated to start in May of this year. But the cost of the program hasn’t been revealed during the announcement. Interestingly on the other side, the Federal Aviation Administration’s current rules prohibit drones from being used that way.

Source: Techcrunch
Thanks To: Business Insider

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