Future Drones Coming With A Blessing Or Curse?

Now a days, drones have become much popular. Now drones are used in delivering cakedelivering newspapermonitoring Rhinos for protectioncatching vandals who deface German trains and many more sectors. But are the future drones coming with blessing or curse in our life? Carnegie Mellon robotics professor Illah Nourbakhsh says drones will be “uncomfortable and very annoying” in future.


Earlier we have seen a drone entered into a rally and crashed near the stage. On the other hand, some students have shown that drones can be hijacked from midair. Besides, we have seen a hacker taking control of drone using Google Glass. In addition, police have even arrested four people for using drone to deliver contraband to inmates. Apart from all these, Texas have already declared war on drones. None of the incidents carry any blessings of drones.

According to Illah Nourbakhsh, “Today, interactions with machines generally occur on our own terms—toasters, microwaves, and even smartphones do what we tell them—but soon, we could be looking up at a quadrotor drone hovering in the park, wondering whether to walk underneath it or cut into the grass to avoid its down draft. Autonomous robots will displace our sense of control precisely because they are out of our control, but occupy the physical world and demand our attention.”

Nourbakhsh also said that drones could be quite strange to interact with: silent sentinels hovering near joggers in a park, moving out of the way of birds but only actively responding to commands from their owners. This could be really “awkward.”

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Source: The New Yorker

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