Apple Engineer Uses Lego To Build A Programmable Drawing Machine

We have seen some truly impressive Lego creations in the past. Joining the league is a programmable drawing machine which has been created by an Apple engineer using Lego blocks.

Lego drawing machine

Andrew Carol is a software engineer at Apple and has a roaring passion for Lego-based creations on the side. He regularly creates new projects and machines using Lego blocks and then posts images of these creations online. The latest from him is a fairly detailed drawing machine.

The machine starts working on a paper as soon as you turn its crank. Carol says that the design of the machine is such that it can be programmed to draw entire images. Interestingly, his inspiration for coming up with such a machine was the movie ‘Hugo’, which featured a fairly impressive automative machine.

While some have compared his contraption with the designs of Rube Goldberg, Carol sees things differently. According to him, “Rube Goldberg machines were intentionally designed to be overly complicated ways to solve simple problems.┬áMy machines are as simple as possible within the constraint of being purely mechanical and using Lego parts.”

Carol has undertaken similarly complex and interesting projects in the past. For instance, he has worked on a Lego replica of a 2,000 year old Greek mechanical computer as well as a Babbage Difference Engine. You can view the full report on his drawing machine here, together with an extensive gallery.

Source: Fast Co Design
Courtesy: The Verge

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