Transformer Hybrid Truck-Helicopter Successfully Makes First Flight

We have seen a number of smart flying vehicles come to being in the recent past. A fresh addition to this frontier of technology is Black Knight Transformer, a hybrid-truck helicopter that can be controlled by a pilot or remotely operated.

Black Knight Transformer

Like the name suggests, this beast is literally a combination of a truck and a helicopter. In simpler words, it is a flying vehicle that can land and start rolling on like a truck whenever the need be. Black Knight Transformer has been created by Advanced Tactics and is geared at performing military missions in the future.

Although the vehicle itself is still far from being admitted into active military service, Advanced Tactics recently announced that Black Knight Transformer successfully completed its first flight. In this first test, the ‘flying truck’ was remotely operated and it was able to gain an altitude of 10 feet and then land back safely on the ground.

Black Knight Transformer

The hybrid truck-helicopter itself packs four rotors on each side which can adjust as per the needs on the field. For instance, these rotors kick out to provide the upward thrust for a takeoff, tilt forward when a faster flight is needed and are folded back against the body of the vehicle when it is passing or flying through a narrow area.

Advanced Tactics has undertaken the research and creation of this vehicle on its own so far. But given its obvious practical usability in war zones, such as retrieving wounded soldiers or providing supplies in a region of active fighting, Pentagon may eventually want to lay its hands on it.

Source: Advanced Tactics

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