Cheetah-Cub: A Robot That Can Run Like A Cat

Earlier we have seen Boston Dynamics’ developing the world’s fastest robot and MIT developing the world’s second fastest robot. However, lately a group of Swiss researchers has claimed that they have created a high-speed robot called “Cheetah-Cub Robot” that runs like a cat in a bid to create a new breed of robots for use in search and rescue operations.

Cheetah-Cub Robot

The Cheetah-cub robot weighs 1.1 kilograms (2.42 pounds). The robot’s metallic frame is 20.5 centimeters (eight inches) long and 16 centimeters high. It has four four legs. To make the robot’s legs, the researchers used springs to reproduce tendons and actuators, or small motors that convert energy into movement, to replace muscles. The robot has recorded a maximum speed of 1.42 meters (4.65 feet) per second, corresponding to 5.1 kilometers (3.1 miles) per hour.

According to researchers, the Cheetah-cub robot moves as fast as an adult human walking briskly. This robot was featured in the International Journal of Robotics Research.

At present, the Cheetah-cub robot is still in the very early stages. The researchers hope their creation gives rise to more robots for exploration and search-and-rescue missions in the future.

Source: Engadget

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