Meet A Humanoid Robot Walking On A Tightrope

Last year robot builder Dr. Guero (aka Masahiko Yamaguchi) stunned everyone with his bicycle riding Primer-V2 humanoid robot. And this year he’s back again to astonish us all with another spectacular humanoid robot named Primer-V4. The humanoid robot Primer-V4 can walk on a tightrope! Check the details inside.

Primer-V4 Robot

Japanese robot builder Dr. Guero is famous for programming his hobby robots. Last year Dr. Guero unveiled Primer-V2, a humanoid robot that was able to ride a bicycle. And this year Dr. Guero has made Primer-V4, another bipedal humanoid robot. The specialty of Primer-V4 bipedal humanoid robot is it can walk on a 4 mm (18 of an inch) thick steel wire.

Primer-V2 Humanoid Robot

Primer-V4 is based on the Kondo KHR-3HV hobby kit that costs around US$ 1,800. After a simple modification, the Kondo KHR-3HV hobby kit turns into Primer-V4. Dr. Guero added grooves at the feet of Primer-V4 for which the robot can catch the wire. He also replaced the arms of the robot for better balance. However, after standing on the wire, Primer-V4 robot stretches its hands, take some time to adjust its balance by waving its arms. The robot’s arms move in different directions based on signals from its inclination sensor. See the Primer-V4 in action.

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