Robotic Arm Uses Leap Motion Controller To Disarm Bombs

Disarming bombs can be dangerous and a new technology now promises to make it safer and more effective. Created by Mirror Training, the tech makes use of Leap Motion controller together with an interface and a robotic arm.

Robotic arm

The use of robotic arms is nothing new but using a robotic arm by synchronizing it perfectly with a human arm is a new frontier. Mirror Training has created an interface which allows anyone to use a robotic arm exactly as one would use his own arm.

According to the CEO of the company Liz Alessi, “Our company has built an interface that literally uses your own hand and arm to move a robotic arm. I like to call it ‘wear your robot.” Such technology has numerous applications, ranging from risky scientific experiments to disarming bombs and more.

Alessi says that using this robotic arm and the interface, operators have been able to disarm mock-bombs twice as fast as is possible following traditional bomb-disposal methods. There is some amount of lag in using the interface when paired with the robotic arm but the best part about this setup is that it does feel a lot like using one’s own arm, making it possible to perform minute tasks accurately.

Note that, the robotic arm created by Mirror Training is equipped with a camera and the view from this camera is displayed on a laptop to the human operator. Aided with this visual, the operator is able to closely monitor the arm’s position and performance.

Source: Leap Motion

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