Experts Claim Robots Will Never Have Feelings

It’s true that robots do help us in many ways. But at the same time it’s also true that they are nothing but a machine. However, lately experts have claimed that no matter how close robots come to human beings, they’ll never have feelings like human beings.

Interaction Of Robot With Human

Now a days, robots are being used in almost every section of life – from kitchen/house/washroom cleaning to handling onerous works. Therefore, it can be said that robots have now become a part of our life. They hobnob with us in such a way that we often forget that they are machines, not human beings.


But lately, a mathematical model of how our brains create consciousness has revealed that robots can’t experience emotions like us. Computers can’t handle any process that completely integrates information. That means they can’t be conscious and capable of feeling.

Man Sleeping With Robot

After the revelation, Professor Maguire from the National University of Ireland said that consciousness can’t be created in a robots in finite time using limited memory. In other words, integrated information can’t be broken down into smaller components in conscious minds, because the brain contextualises information. He also mentioned that still if we want to inject ’emotions’ into robots, then that’s very ‘complex’ as it’s beyond our abilities to reverse it and put it to use in machines.

Robot Playing Chess With Woman

So, what’s the gist of this revelation? Well, the gist is – it’s easy enough for robots as well as for machines to edit a collection of individual images, but memories are composed of a bank of intertwined images and experiences and cannot be altered in the same way.

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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