[TTJ Poll] Where Do You Play Games Usually? Answer Is Still “Desktop”

Here comes our long running poll result. This time our question to the reader was “Where do you play games usually?”. Astonishingly its not handheld device, Desktop still tops with 37% vote. Here we have detail analysis.

Where do you play games usually?


Desktop Computer: 37.15%
Gaming Console: 17.68%
Laptop: 16.31%
Smartphone: 14.43%
Tablet Device: 9.56%
Feature Phone: 4.87%


Our Demography:
Here our demography and reach is also an important concern. Take a look at our reach if you want to understand better. And most interesting thing is we have always seen from the start of Tablet era, we lead in that market. And our smartphone traffic is increasing exponentially. But still Desktop leads way ahead.

What Gamers Love?
It’s really understandable that if you are real gamer, you should be either Desktop user or Console user. But I personally neither thought Desktop will lead with 37%, even second one got less than half (Console only 18%), nor did I thought Handheld device will be that behind. Even Smartphone(14%) and Tablet(10%) both together(24%) cant beat Desktop (34%).

Rise of Smart Device Era:
And in 2013, almost everybody is very used to in playing games in iPhone or iPad or other Android device. Apple iTune Store and Android Marketplace “Play Store” both reporting billions of download. The time people spends in Smart device is increasing, but still in game scene Desktop rocks.

Lack Of Console Update
I personally think due to lack of update in Console device (last Xbox 360 was launched in November 2005 and PlayStation 3 was released in 2006), it losts a lot of it’s charm. I mean, the hardware updated a lot by this 7-8 year. As far I could recall, the average high-end desktop had 2GB RAM back then, now most high-end system has about 16GB RAM or more, and even costs a lot less then 2GB RAM in 2006. And we have seen remarkable update in game engine and graphics card technology. So, game Console lost its attraction, and Laptop was never meant for heavy use, and high-end Laptop costs a lot too, considering Desktop.


So, though everyone report says downfall of desktop sales, but in Gaming scene Desktop still leads. So, industry need to keep this thing in mind. Maybe All-in-One Desktop could be good choice if it could cope up with high end configuration and price.

If you require to have more details and inside of this survey contact the Author at (asif at arcom.com.bd)

Here, in TTJ we will try to increase our Desktop Game coverage. What you say? Irregularly

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