5 Best Gmail Extensions To Supercharge Your Inbox & Boost Productivity

We all use Gmail for work also we all want to boost our productivity and get more things done in a shorter span of time. But how easy is it to get that edge? The answer is a single click of your mouse. Yes! Chrome offers several Gmail extensions that let you boost your productivity.

gmail extenstion

Sortd for Gmail

Have you used Trello for work? If so you would love Sortd. This extension for Chrome has a neat multi-list Trello-Style layout. So, what is the ultimate benefit that you would expect from this extension? The answer to this question is you get to prioritize your emails which ultimately helps to prioritize your email-related tasks.

Get Sortd for Chrome

Notifier for Gmail

You can’t see notifications for new emails until you enter the Gmail interface. But you don’t have that amount of time to open the Gmail interface only to find out that you got spammed! Notifier for Gmail solves this problem.

Apart from notifying you about new emails, this extension will also perform tasks such as mark as read, archive, spam and delete.

Get Notifier for Gmail for Chrome

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

Nowadays we all use smartphones and one of the nicest features on Smartphones is autofill of text. As we write on our smartphones it will suggest words, eliminating the need for typing the entire word. If you want something similar for Gmail, Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome is the perfect solution for you. Apart from auto-filling as you write, this extension lets you specify some shortcuts.

Get Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome for Chrome

FullContact for Gmail & Inbox

Gmail will show you all available contact details by grabbing it from the Database. but what if you need more than that? FullContact for Gmail & Inbox grabs contact details for both recipients and senders. It will work as the perfect contact directory.

This extension will be displayed as a sidebar inside the Gmail interface. Apart from fetching contact details, this extension will also let you search your contact list.

Get FullContact for Gmail & Inbox for Chrome

Gmail Offline

What if you have to check your email, but you can’t find a Wi-Fi zone? Gmail Offline will not only let you read your emails while offline but also read, search and reply to them. The extension will send your reply as soon as you are back online.

Get Gmail Offline for Chrome.

Wrapping Up!

So here is the summary of the blog for you. Gmail Chrome extensions can help you boost your productivity by giving you that much needed incremental edge. First, we saw Sortd, which is a neat multi-list Trello-Style mail-related task manager. Secondly, we saw a Gmail Notifier extension that notifies you about new emails. Thirdly we saw Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome which autofills texts and lets you set shortcuts for certain tasks. Fourthly, we saw FullContact for Gmail & Inbox which grabs contact details for email senders and receivers. And lastly, we saw Gmail Offline which lets you read, search and reply to your emails while you are offline.

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