[App of the Week] Fast & Furious Legacy: Tear Up The Streets With Speed

Fast & Furious: Legacy is an adrenaline-filled, action-packed racing game that will make you feel like real racer or ‘Furious 7‘ movie star! This fast-paced game is currently hitting the top charts as it’s available on both Apple App Store and Google Play.


Brand new Fast & Furious Game is here just in time when Furious 7 has hit theaters worldwide and Fast & Furious: Legacy has made the top place within the very first week of it’s arrival. This all new game is offering different game modes including head-to-head challenges which will put you through a fun and thrilling drive. You have to push the limits of speed to race your sports car from Los Angeles to Miami, Tokyo or Rio De Janeiro as like as the locations showed in movie ‘Furious 7’.

ttj legacy

You will get the most exciting cars than ever! There are 50 cars including favorites from the movie franchise which you can buy through completing the new missions and levels. You can also experience the speed of the blazing hot Lykan Hypersport what you may have already seen in movie! You gotta catch the 3D rides with licensed imports, classics and exotic vehicles.

ttj legacy

Fast & Furious: Legacy offers you totally different game mode including Street, Drift, Drag, Getaway and Takedown. In addition, game developers Kabam has already promised to bring you more! You will tear up the streets and win the iconic locations worldwide.


You can customized your cars with the hottest paint, vinyls, rims, and more that you have never seen before. To leave the competition in the dust, you gotta unlock boosts and upgrades the engine to suspension and everything in between.

Well, you can join the Family with Tej, Roman, Letty or Brain to take on missions in Story Mode and race against the movie villains like DK, Braga, and Carter Verone.

ttj f7

To discover more about the super exciting racing game, you can download it right away from the link given below and please do not forget to share your review on our comment section.

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