How To Boost Game Performance Of Your Android Phone

Playing Games on Android Device is fun, no doubt. There are many games for Android that require very little Ram, but doesn’t fail to amaze you with its game-play and graphics. But there are other games that drain out your phone’s battery. And if your phone has lower configuration you will probably face lags. However that doesn’t mean you can’t play these games.

Most of the time, if a certain Game is running slow it is due to some minimal issues. For example, your phone might have the required configuration to run a Game but as you already have many Apps installed on your phone it fails to draw in the amount of Ram space it needs. Luckily there are many effective ways to optimize your phone for a better gaming experience.

Turn Off Background Apps

Many Apps on your Android Smartphone probably continue running even if you aren’t using them. This takes up a major portion of your Ram Usage. Moreover, this drains out your phone’s battery faster. Different Social Media Apps such as Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are probably the main culprits in this regard. However, you can decide which Apps get the permission to keep running even if you aren’t using them. Look for “Running Services” from the Developer settings.

Use Moderate Animation

Not being able to use a fancy animation or a high-resolution Wallpaper takes away the fun from using a Smartphone. But it actually slows down your Smartphone drastically. You should use a moderately lower resolution Wallpaper. Also, you should use a lower Windows Animation Scale.

Enable Developer Options

The Developer Option comes hidden with your Android Device. To enable it to go to Settings>Your Phone. From the new window that appears tap on the Build Number 7 times to enable the Developer Option. After that, open the Developer Option and enable the Force 4x MSAA option and restart your phone. This process might drain out your phone’s battery drastically but it will make sure you can play high-resolution games on your phone.

Uninstall Unwanted Apps

Nowadays we use so many Apps on our phones. However, we don’t actually use these apps that often. In fact, if you search your phone thoroughly, you will find Apps that you haven’t used for months. If you have such Apps on your Phone you should probably uninstall them today. Once you uninstall unnecessary Apps from your device, you will see your phone’s performance boost up as now there is more free space.

Wrapping Up!

Although it might not seem like a good idea to expand your phone’s memory, there are Apps for it. Using such Apps you do not need to physically upgrade your phone’s memory. Such an App is ROEHSOFT RAM Expander. Moreover, you should also use dedicated Apps for boosting your phone’s performance. You will find tons of such Apps on the PlayStore.

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