Augmented Reality Car App for Maintenance

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AR holds a major portion of the tech economy. And as it gets more and more household friendly, it will start to dominate the consumer market even more. For instance, it is already doing so through Augmented Reality Car App.

Augmented Reality Car App

From standalone AR headsets to dedicated Apps, AR is greatly helpful in helping individuals take care of their cars. And in some situations, this can eliminate the need for seeking expert advice for common mechanical issues.

Microsoft HoloLens for Augmented Reality Car Repair

This headset can connect you with a mechanic in a remote location. The mechanic will see anything that you see in front of you. So you can get immediate feedback on the situation. Also, you don’t actually need to drive your car all the way to the mechanic, which means you are saving yourself a lot of time.

Not just that, Microsoft HoloLens can also guide you towards a solution in real time by projecting the required instructions on your headset.

I-Mechanic – AR Car Repair App

This works with the Hyundai App. Anyone can seek assistance for a wide range of Hyundai models. Your headset will project the information on your headset screen as an overlay.

I-Mechanic will help you check oil and coolant levels. Afterward, you will need to take action to solve the problem. But don’t worry, the app will provide all the information necessary for you to solve whatever car issue you might be facing in real time.

BMW Wearable Mechanic

Do you own a BMW? If you do, then there is good news for you! BMW is currently building a goggle that will pair with your car and assist you in repairing it if it breaks down. And of course, it will use AR to provide that information.

You can use this google to see through your car, which is very useful in cases where you have to maneuver your car into a tight parking space. Also, as a car owner, you can expect to face some common mechanical issues every month. Moreover, you will also receive alerts on your fuel level

Wrapping Up!

Have you used any of the AR techs for maintenance purpose? If so, please let us know your thoughts on the new emerging tech. In the meantime here is a quick blog on The 5 Best Free Games On Oculus Rift.

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