How to turn off AR+ mode in Pokemon Go [Android + Apple]

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Although AR++ Mode makes Pokemon Go a fully immersive game, it isn’t a perfect match for crowded and poorly-lit spaces.

In poorly lit space the game might fail to detect the ground thus projecting very sloppy animations. On the other hand, the problem with crowded places is, they don’t have enough free space for you to completely dive into the immersive game-play.

What is AR++ Mode

Last year developers of Pokemon Go rolled out a new upgrade to the game which enabled Pokemon Go to be scaled out to the new world. How exactly you might ask.

This new upgrade makes Pokemons scale up in size and also react as Players approach them. But that not all. Players can collect Stardust and XP by sneaking upto Pokemons. This AR++ Mode requires ARCore. Apple rolled out this mode last December.

Although this upgrade added the certain futuristic feature to the game. Not everyone shares this feeling.

Not everyone is impressed with AR++ Mode. Some have already lashed out at the developers as this new upgraded makes it harder to catch Pokemons. Also, AR++ Mode requires setup time which might be very annoying at times. AR++ Mode makes Pokemon Go! nothing but more immersive which encourages Players to act out the proceeding of the game. This might not be a pleasant sight to people.

Switch Off AR++ Mode

You need to be on the Capture Screen to turn off AR++ Mode. The Capture Screen is the one where you are tossing a Poke ball. The Capture Screen includes a small Toggle button which sits at the upper-right corner of the screen. If the Toggle is slid to the left, know that AR++ Mode is turned off. This is the easiest way to turn off the AR++ Mode and switch back to the Full Animation Mode. 

However, there is another method for disabling the AR++ Mode. This second method is convenient when you are faced with a very fancy Pokemon. You don’t want to miss the chance of capturing it by fiddling with the AR++ Mode.

Turn Off AR++ Mode From Default Settings

  1. Open the Game and from your App’s main screen, tap the PokeBall.
  2. Tap the Gear icon sitting at the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Uncheck the AR+ option

Wrapping Up!

However, you have to admit the AR++ Mode isn’t that bad after all. If you can find a completely free space, the AR++ Mode is a must for the most immersive Pokemon Go! experience.

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