Auto Union Type C e-tron Study

Audi will be showing the Auto Union Type C e-tron study ith electric drive at the 62nd International Toy Fair and it based on the UKP10,000 (approx. US$15,900) limited-edition pedal car model sold through Audi dealers.Audi Auto Union Type C e-tron study intended for kids of all ages, so long as they’re shorter than 5’11’ and it’s top speed of 18mph and a range of 15 miles by charges in only two hours……..

AUDI AG will be showing a selection of its products again at the 62nd International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. Last year Audi became the first car manufacturer ever to present a selection of model cars and new products from the Audi children’s world to visitors on its own stand in Nuremberg. The highlight in 2011 will be the “Auto Union Type C e-tron study” with electric drive.The brand with the four rings is presenting a unique specimen which is as innovative as it is exclusive, on its 75 square meter (807.29 square feet) stand.

This is based on the limited-edition pedal car model which is sold through quattro GmbH a subsidiary of AUDI AG. The body of the hand-finished unique specimen is made of aluminum and carbon-look material and is suitable for children and adults of up to 1.80 meters (5’11”) in height. The 1:2 scale study is 2.32 meters (7.61 feet) long and 97 centimeters (38.19 inches) wide.Auto Union Type C e-tron study electric motor drives the rear wheel, is charged by a lithium-ion battery and,with an output of 1.5 hp, reaches a torque of 40 Nm nd briefly as much as 60 Nm.his enables the car to reach a top speed of 30 km/h (18.64 mph). The study is also equipped with a reverse gear.

The exclusive soccer table from Audi design will also be making an appearance in Nuremberg. This toy is also noted for its Vorsprung durch Technik. Its materials, finish and technical workmanship satisfy the highest standards. Aluminum and high-strength plastic are added to the wooden core by hand. The table incidentally is absolutely suitable for professional tournament use. Its combination of functionality and design is unique in table soccer. Only 20 tables will be built initially with each small-series soccer table costing €12,900.

The little Audi e-tron has a range of around 25 kilometers (15.53 miles). It can then be charged at a standard 230 volt household socket. Depending on the battery charge status, this takes about two hours.Audi will of course also be presenting its high-quality range of classic car-related toys: remote-controlled models, plush cars and the Audi motorsport bear. The Wörthersee models of the Audi A1 to a scale of 1:87, among others, will be displayed in the model car paternoster.

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