Nissan Brings Its Conceptual Revolutionary Trapezoidal BladeGlider Car

Car makers have engaged themselves to bring revolutionary cars in the past few years. Among the car makers, Nissan is also in that race. However, now Nissan has planned to represent its conceptual revolutionary trapezoidal BladeGlider car at the Tokyo Motor Show this month.

Nissan BladeGlider Concept

The BladeGlider is a revolutionary car because it has low aerodynamic drag coefficient that uses considerably less energy to achieve the same performance as a conventional car using the same power plant. The Bladeglider battery can be located in the most convenient places in order to achieve optimal weight distribution, and its in-wheel electric motors will free up the shape of the vehicle to help it leave the air as undisturbed as possible. The car’s aerodynamic efficiency is all about leaving the air behind a vehicle undisturbed, and hence it’s the back half of the Bladeglider that plays the most significant role in its streamlining. Here are some conceptual images of BladeGlider.


BladeGlider Concept - 1
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