14-month-old Toddler Buys A Car On eBay Using Dad’s Smartphone

A few months ago we reported that a 5-year-old kid spends over $2500 in 15 minutes to purchase iTunes app using his dad’s iPad. And now we have found another news like that. Lately, a 14-month-old toddler named Sorella Stoute who lives in Portland, Ore, has bought a 1962 model Austin Healey Sprite car on eBay using her dad’s smartphone.

Sorella Stoute Buys Car On eBay Using Dad's Smartphone

Sorella Stoute may be 14 months old and not be able to say the word ‘car’ yet but that didn’t stop her from buying one on eBay. While Stoute was playing with her dad’s smartphone, instead of sticking with a learning game, she decided to check out the eBay app and had a great time tapping through the auctions. One of those taps landed on a Buy It Now button which enabled her to purchase a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite for $225. Stoute’s dad Mr. Paul Stoute was totally unaware what her little daughter had done.

However, when Paul received a congratulatory e-mail from eBay about buying a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite, he was totally surprised. Just imagine what was Paul’s reaction when he came to know that her 14-month-old beloved daughter had bought him a 1962 Austin-Healey using his eBay app.

Interestingly, Paul has decided to keep the old car and present it to Sorella for her sixteenth birthday. And now Paul has changed his phone’s PIN and activated facial recognition to stop Sorella splashing out again.

Source: KOIN

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