Boeing Tests A 787 Dreamliner Flight, Lands Back Safely

Boeing was forced to ground its magnificent 787 Dreamliner planes when recently, the battery of one of these planes exploded. We recently reported that the aviation giant was working on tweaking the lithium-ion battery to make it safer. Now, the company has taken a 787 Dreamliner on a test flight which landed back safely without any untoward incident.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

The flight was part of Boeing’s efforts to prove that the Dreamliner jets are safe enough. There is a possibility that the company may have incorporated some changes in the lithium-ion battery and wanted to test them in a real flight. If that was the intention, the changes proved fruitful since the plane flew normally.

The 787 Dreamliner took off from Boeing Field in Seattle. The battery of the plane lasted for some two hours and 19 minutes. That was not the only flight Boeing has scheduled for its 787 Dreamliner planes though. The company has plans of launching similar test flights in the coming days.

Until the Federal Aviation Authority is convinced that the Dreamliner jets are safe enough to use, they won’t allow them back on the airports. And to demonstrate their safety, Boeing has to repeatedly prove it through these test flights. The company didn’t comment on the details of these flights, though it did report that the ‘flight was uneventful.’

Courtesy: Gizmodo

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