Ford Updates Sync 911 Assist App

Just a few days ago, the Ford Motor Company made an announcement regarding new GPS capabilities built-in to the Ford SYNC system. The enhancements include a very important update to the SYNC 911 Assist emergency response application, and will come standard on all 2011 MyFord and My Lincoln Touch-equipped vehicles (and select SYNC-equipped vehicles).

If you’re in a sticky situation (crash or other emergency), first responders will now be able to pinpoint your exact location… How? GPS coordinates via the onboard GPS receiver in your SYNC-enabled car is how! Assisted GPS or signal triangulation can now be used to provide your location to emergency services. With this handy (I’d call it critical!) update, the 911 Assist app will not only alert emergency response operators to the crash, but it will give them the option to retrieve exact GPS coordinates. VERY important information if you’re unconscious or unable to communicate.

Most importantly, the new feature will come at no additional cost to the customer. Gotta give Ford a *tip of the cap* for that. Not only is the Ford SYNC system subscription free, but features like this will no doubt be added on an ongoing basis, adding more value, peace-of-mind and an additional layer of safety for Ford customers… with no money out-of-pocket. Again, this new functionality will be available on all 2011 MyFord and MyLincoln Touch-equipped vehicles, and select SYNC-equipped models.

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