eCRP 1.4 Electric Race Bike

The eCRP 1.4 electric race bike revealed and an evolution of the company’s 2010 eCRP 1.2 and poised for entry in the all-electric TTXGP series.eCRP 1.4 electric race bike  offers two motors pumping out a combined 70hp and 89 lb-ft of torque and making a lovely sound……

The eCRP 1.4 will be the strong point of the 2011 season for the Modena factory and it is to be made available to all teams, regardless of electric racing series.The new green-tech vehicle will have some improvements which will be revealed with a detailed technical sheet in early 2011.Meanwhile, regarding the latest news on the upcoming season, the championship TTXGP made some changes to the technical regulations for next season, namely the introduction of two classes the Open Formula GP and Formula 75.Specifically the Formula Open GP will be open to all electric vehicles with a maximum weight of 250kg, while in the case of Formula 75 (7.5 kWh), were placed significant limitations on the amount of energy that the vehicle can carry, this is going to affect in some way the engine power, once the length of the race has been established with the weight has been set at a maximum of 200kg.

The 2011 season of CRP Racing promises to both interesting and exciting. The competition of racing will be highlighted by the addition of new sponsors.After the great success of last season with the eCRP 1.2, CRP Racing’s Official Team will come back on track with eCRP 1.4. Rider Alessandro Brannetti will be returning to pilot the new motorcycle. Having won the European title at Brands Hatch and got the Vice World Champion title at Albacete, will allow the entire team to return with the aim of setting up a great show for the 2011 season.In addition CRP Racing is joining with new partners in the photovoltaic industry. The eCRP will be used to highlight the possibility of both zero emissions at the exhaust  as well as a zero emissions source for power.

The CRP Racing team is also pleased to announce a partnership with Idea FV.Idea FV manufactures “turnkey” photovoltaic systems of absolute quality, providing excellent performance, durability and safety. Idea FV addresses its services to market by investing in first person and by institutional investors, seeking areas of at least 2,000 square meters and ground of at least 2 acres.The electric racing motorcycle of CRP Racing is becoming a significant means by which the passion for sport on two wheels and respect for the environment are joined together to carry a message of a sustainable future. Moving forward with alternative energy and the aim to achieve ever more efficient vehicles to ensure high efficiency at low power consumption makes the eCRP an example of both the science of today and tomorrow.

Features of eCRP 1.4 :

  • Datalogger and sensors with built-in GPS and regulation maps
  • New racing dashboard
  • 2 Motors 2011 52Kw with integrated air cooling
  • Batteries: optimized configuration available for both classes TTXGP
  • Racing cast aluminium double beam frame
  • Aluminium swing arm
  • Front swing arm Marzocchi
  • OHLINS Hydraulic progressive shock absorber
  • Double Floating Braking Wave disk
  • Single Braking Wave disk
  • Double 4 pistons radial “Brembo” caliper
  • Marchesini wheel rims / OZ forged Aluminium
  • Weight: Depending on configuration, from 160 to 180kgs.
  • Maximum speed: Depending on setting, it can be up to 220km/h

ScreenShots :

Videos :


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