EnviroTech’s First & Fast Lightning Electric Car

EnviroTech Inc. an Eau Claire based company which is Specialized in Industrial and as a Leader in Custom Powder Coating, announced its very First Electric Vehicle (EV) named ‘Lightning Electric Hot Rod’ last Friday. Well, it’s Surprising but True that, combination of Simple Modification and Automobile Engineering Technology is Going to BANG on Roads!

Envirotech's First Lightning Car

EnviroTech is always Aware of putting Priority on Quality and Durability. As Mom’s always say, “Never Judge A Book By Its Cover”, which could be also in Mind of the President of Envirotech, ‘Mark Kalish’. He says that he started working on the Lightning about 4 Years ago and now, it’s finally complete. As a matter of fact, the Very first Lightning Electric car is certainly different from all other Sleek out-looking, Modern Sports Cars and Exotics.


Features of the Lightning Electric Car :
* 156 Volt DC Net Gain Racing Motor
* 13 piece – 12 Volt AC Delco Deep Cycle Batteries (Under the Hood)
* Independent Rear Axle
* Open Cockpit and Retro Lighting
* 4 Wheel Disc Brakes
* 1000 amp Net Gain Industrial Controller
* 0-60 MPH (0-96 KM/H) less than 5 Seconds
* Max Speed 100+ MPH (160+ KM/H)
* Mere 40 Mile (64 KM) Distance Between Charges
* 2 to 4 Hours for Full Charge (220V/110V) which is $.30 worth of Electricity
* Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Tires
* Cantilevered “Indy” style internally mounted front shocks

This car contains all without having to Pollute the Environment. Basically it’s designed for Entertainment and Thrill of Motoring. With a Rolling Chassis complete with Independent Rear Axle starting at $3,995 or just as the Fiberglass Body starting at $4,200; it’ll cost around $28,000 which takes about a year to produce one of its electric cars. The Technology used in the Lightning isn’t ‘New’ or ‘Cutting Edge’ and has more to do with the recent DIY-EV. The design is as simple that regular mechanic will face no problem conducting its maintenance.

Well, that brings us to the Conclusion. Is it possible for the New Lightning Electric Car with an Affordable Price to BANG on the Road competing with other Lighting Electric Cars? No matter what it is, but it definitely suits one’s Personality. Are you the one trying your Personality, too? Don’t forget to share your experience with us.
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