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Who said electric cars can’t be, well, sexy? Renault released a glimpse of its electric DeZir Gullwing Coupe, and it’s likely to give eco-minded gearheads yet another electric car to drool over.The DeZir announcement comes less than a week after Tesla Motors revealed its newest electric vehicle, the Roadster 2.5……..

French carmaker Renault retreated from the U.S. market in 1987, leaving behind the rotting hulks of stuff like the Alliance and the Le Car. But there’s another way to look at the brand; Renault has long been well regarded for its advanced concepts and for its willingness to take risks and experiment. Indeed, some of the cars created by former Renault design chief Patrick le Quément are timeless classics, and the company also has churned out some damn impressive hot hatches, many based on the diminutive Clio. It is this Renault that excites us, and this concept, the DeZir, is stoking the fire.

The DeZir (pronounced “desire”) is the first concept penned by le Quément’s successor, ex-Mazda design head Laurens van den Acker. The capital Z in the car’s name is marketing spin at its finest—it stands for “zero emissions,” as the DeZir is fully electric.

Renault has released more information and a series of teaser images of its DeZir concept car, set to debut at October’s Paris Motor Show.The all-electric two seater, Renault claims, will accelerate from a standstill to 100kph (62mph) in five seconds and reach a top speed of 180kph (112mph) thanks to a 150hp motor providing 226Nm (166lb-ft) of torque.

Renault has released more details on their electric sports car, the DeZir, and from the photos it looks pretty cool. The best part about this new electric car is that it takes just 20 minutes to charge the batteries to 80 percent capacity, which is impressive.

The Renault Dezir is capable of travelling 100 miles about 160KM on a single charge, and it can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just five seconds, so it is a bit slower than the Tesla Roadster.

Shelby’s practically nonexistent Aero EV can recharge in around 10 minutes, but if you’re hoping to find a similarly quick vehicle that’s even close to your price range, you’ve probably come up empty so far. Thankfully, Renault has a mind to change that with the new DeZir. Slated to take the stage at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the lascivious concept rolls with a mid-mounted electric engine capable of screaming a solid 100 miles before petering out.

Renault says the DeZir could run from 0 to 62 mph in five seconds. Its hypothetical top speed is governed to an unimpressive 112 mph, however, and its range would be just 99 miles. The lithium-ion battery pack can be charged conventionally via a plug or swapped out quickly; the latter would involve so-called Quick Drop battery stations that could automate the process.

The DeZir is a mid-engine vehicle, with the body made from Kevlar. The doors are the lovely looking Gull wing style, and seating is via a two-person bench seat instead of the more traditional bucket-style seats found in a lot of sports cars.

combined DeZir name directly refers to renaultovský signature ZE ( zero emission) . into the dashboard information on driving style energy consumption the entertainment in the style of of movement refers to (zero emission). The concept is powered by an electric motor deposition before the rear axle , due to optimize the weight distribution between front and rear wheels. The concept is powered by an electric motor the rear axle, due to optimize the front and rear Vertically mounted lithium- ion batteries with a capacity of 24 kW / h, located behind the seats and provide a vehicle autonomy of 160 km . lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of / h, behind the seats and provide a autonomy of 160 km. Its power and torque increase over commonly used versions of the 110 kW ( 150 bhp) and torque of 226 Nm achieved . power and torque versions of kW (150 bhp) and torque of achieved. Päťsekundovej acceleration to 100 km / h second acceleration from zero to 50 km / h.

For 2 seconds enthusiastically . can choose from three options for recharging the battery : standard recharge using a regular house outlet (full charge in eight hours ), rapid refueling forces using 400V 100 km / h from zero 50 km / h 2 seconds enthusiastically. can choose from three options the battery: standard a eight hours), rapid three-phase current ( charged at 80 % per 20 minutes ) or a revolutionary rapid exchange of battery technology because of Quick Drop (replacement battery for 3 minutes ). managed to keep .

The interior, inspired by the idea of “an amorous encounter,” is extremely innovative, with smooth, fluid curves; pulsating lights; and a one-piece, amorous-encounter-facilitating bench seat that features indentations to keep occupants from sliding around once they’re spent and on the road again. (Of course, the location of the floating center console might put a crimp on the action.) The trim of the red-and-white interior is asymmetrical. There is no rear window, but two rear cameras do their best to inform the driver about his or her surroundings. It’s all rather fanciful and stylish compared to the cabins of regular cars.

The good news here, though, is that the outfit’s Quick Drop technology enables the battery packs to regain 80 percent of their charge in just 20 minutes using a 400V three-phase current, though a standard household plug will require a good night’s rest (read: eight hours) to rejuvenate it fully. ‘Course, only time will tell if this beaut will ever hit the production line, but we’d go ahead and brace yourself for it to look far tamer should that green light ever get lit.


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