Ford Focus Is The Top-Selling Car Globally During 2012

Ford has taken a few hits in the recent past but the company has learned from its mistakes. It grasped at success with a renewed vigor when it launched the Focus compact. The model is all set to be the top-sold global car model during this year, outdoing all other vendors.


Focus marks a key change in the manufacturing strategy of Ford. Before Focus, Ford would create separate models for separate markets around the globe. But when the company launched Focus, it maintained more or less the same model in all regions.

The result was that Ford was able to significantly trim down the manufacturing costs of the vehicle, thus keep its sales prices down. Coming from a notable vendor at a rather affordable price, Ford Focus was quick to capture a huge user base.

By September this year, Ford claims that 737, 856 Focus had already been registered. This means that the overall tally for the year 2012 is a lot higher. These numbers effectively make Ford Focus the most successful and top-selling global car model this year.

Close on its heels is the Ford Fiesta with its sales tally of 560,061 until September. Banking on these two models, Ford is expected to bring in solid sales for the year 2012 and top two million vehicles sold. That would make Ford the only U.S. company to have accomplished the lofty goal this year. The glad tidings for the company are that the momentum of Ford Focus sales seems to continue, which means that a significant portion of Focus sales may also spill into the year 2013.

Courtesy: USA Today

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