Upcoming New York Mayor May Support Taxi Mafia

A number of ridesharing services have cropped up in recent years. These include the likes of Uber, Sidecar and others, offering far more affordable transportation solutions than regular taxis. However, these services may not be welcome in New York where a new mayor is all set to unabashedly side with the taxi mafia.

Uber Ridesharing

The taxi lobby doesn’t exactly like services such as Uber which offer ride-sharing options. The reason is simple: ride-sharing options offer the masses a more affordable mode of commute. This, in turn, takes customers away from taxi drivers who, then, are forced to reduce their fares to a competitive price.

In other words, when market expands and better options become available, the taxi industry is bound to lose a chunk of its revenue or at least offer better prices to stay in competition. This is naturally unacceptable for the taxi lobby who are currently backing the possible next New York mayor.

Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio has already received more than $250,000 from the taxi lobby, as part of his campaign funds. Not only that, he has been giving unabashed statements in favor of the taxi lobby. The mayor will have the power to appoint the chair of the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner. Blasio has declared that if he is elected as the mayor, he would fire the current Commissioner who has been pushing the taxi lobby for reforms.

The other nominee, Joe Lhota, has expressed more fondness for ridesharing services and promises that he will promote rider-friendly policies. He has also hinted that he would push the taxi lobby for better, consumer-oriented reforms.

Courtesy: Business Insider

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