Hyundai Demos Manned Flying Car At IDEA Festival

You might have seen the world’s first high-speed amphibious vehicle, named Quadski, that can run on land as well as on water. This time, South Korean car maker Hyundai has showcased a futuristic concept car that can hover above old-fashioned cars and this concept may encourage car makers to build flying cars for future.

Hyundai's Flying Car

For the last three years, Hyundai has been holding its annual IDEA festival that has been serving automobile engineers to show off their ideas about futuristic cars beyond traditional car making. Undoubtedly, these ideas are full of creativity and encourage others how new thinking can truly create new and innovative possibilities. This year at the IDEA festival, Hyundai showcased Hexadecagon, a futuristic car concept that can hover above old-fashioned cars.

The Hexadecagon is a one-sitter, remote-controlled quadrocopter with 16 electrically driven propellers designed for use in congested cities across the globe. Hyundai engineers built the car’s prototype at the company’s Research and Development (R&D) center in Korea. However, apart from hovering, the flying car has four omnidirectional pairs of wheels through which it can be driven also on road. Here’s a demo video of that flying car for you.

Source: Auto Training Centre

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