Hyundai Is Equipping Its 2015 Sedan With Google Glass App

When it comes to auto manufacturers, Hyundai has often taken the crown for offering the best tech in cars. The company aims to keep the tag, announcing that its upcoming 2015 Genesis Sedan will arrive with a Google Glass app.

Hyundai Genesis

Google Glass still has a fairly limited user base, being offered as a limited version to early enthusiasts and developers. The current price for the Glass gear is fairly steep and it will be a while before the gadget becomes affordable enough to be commercially viable. Nonetheless, Hyundai is hoping to entice the interest of this small audience which already owns Google Glass units.

Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis will apparently hook up the in-car infotainment system with your Google Glass hardware through Blue Link cloud connectivity. In doing so, it will rely on a special Glass app that Hyundai is currently working on. The app will let the users lock, unlock and even start the car straight from the Glass UI.

Another interesting feature of the app is that it will send push notifications to the display of the Glass unit when the car is due for service. This is a particularly useful feature which would help ensure that you don’t lose track of the service schedule.

Hyundai’s tech-centric cars in the past have won the company significant critical acclaim. It remains to be seen how successful its venturing into the arena of Google Glass is and how Google itself responds to such applications of its new hardware.

Source: Hyundai News
Courtesy: Gizmodo

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