Honda Introduces 7-Inch Built-In Touchscreen With iPhone Compatibility In Vehicles

Honda is among the notable auto vendors who have been integrating technology in their vehicles. The company has now introduced a 7-inch built-in touchscreen which comes with iPhone compatibility and can be controlled and used through the smartphone.

Honda Display Audio system

Honda has termed the entire setup as its new Display Audio system. This system not only packs the regular connectivity options between the car and the smartphone, such as the ability to make calls and read messages on the car’s display, it also allows iPhone to relay app-related information to the 7-inch touchscreen of the car.

In this way, while iPhone is used to primarily access Honda’s suite of HondaLink apps, Display Audio system becomes the secondary display where you can see this data on a larger screen. To cite an example, the Navigation app which is part of the HondaLink suite allows you to find your route on a map, leveraging Nokia maps.

Once you have finalized the route on your iPhone, you can have it displayed on the Display Audio touchscreen and edit it further. Once you finalize the route and plug in your iPhone, the audio system of the vehicle will announce turn by turn navigation all along the said route.

According to Honda, the new Display Audio system is compatible with iPhone 5, 5S and 5C. These smartphones need to be connected to the car through a special cable if you wish to utilize any functionality other than making a call or reading a text on the 7-incher. The touchscreen itself is a top-class display, packing a high-capacitive screen which responds promptly to swipe and pinch gestures.

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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