Apple To Announce Volvo, Mercedes-Benz And Ferrari As Launch Partners For ‘iOS In The Car’

Apple has been closely working with a number of top auto vendors. Now, the company is expected ┬áto formally announce Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and Ferrari as its official partners for the upcoming ‘iOS in the car’ project.

iOS in the car

iOS in the car‘ has been in works for quite some time. As part of the initiative, Apple has been reaching out to a number of auto vendors, trying to integrate certain features of its mobile OS into cars. The auto vendors which Apple has been working with include Honda, Hyundai, Nissan and others.

Exactly how the software will look like running inside a car and what features it is going to pack, remains to be seen. In the past, Apple has officially confirmed that the initiative is one which is of paramount importance to the company. Apparently, the company is hoping to expand its iOS ecosystem by pushing it into the auto industry.

Analysts have speculated that the ‘iOS in the car’ system will come with a significant focus on Apple Maps and full Siri integration, two features which can significantly improve the driving experience. Siri, for instance, can prove critically useful in answering calls, penning texts and launching different searches while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Other features that this system will offer include watching movies and listening music through an in-dash screen. It is possible that Apple tweaks the iPad to suit the bill, running a specially tailored version of iOS. However, all of this is speculation for now and when Apple officially makes the announcement about this whole initiative, which is expected next week, we will finally know what is it all about.

Source: Financial Times

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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