Launch Of Next-Generation Smart Mini Electric Car Delayed Until September 2012

At beginning of this year (2011), German automaker Daimler unveiled the third generation Electric Smart Mini Car at the Frankfurt Auto Show. The Mini Electric Smart for Two is faster, longer-lasting and specially made for highway. According to the schedule, it is supposed to be in market in Spring 2012, but unfortunately, the Third generation city-dweller ‘Smart’ has just been delayed until Fall of 2012.

Third Generation Smart Car

Daimler said that the car would be available in 30 Worldwide markets by spring 2012. But something is wrong with the Lithium-ion batteries. Basically, it is the quality control or technical issues at Li-Tec, who is the battery cell supplier. Due to ‘Unspecified Problems’ occurred in the manufacturing process, the car can’t be delivered in time. But, on the contrary, there is different words. “There are no technical or quality problems with the batteries,” the spokeswoman said. “But we don’t want to lower our sights in safeguarding quality. That’s why we’re accepting a delay.” Like Deutsche Accumotive, Li-Tec is also a joint venture between Evonic and Daimler.

New Third Generation EV

Instead of keeping the Tesla-engineered battery pack found on the second generation Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, the third generation new battery pack claims to provide a range of around 87 miles in city traffic. Combined with a larger 30 kilowatt motor, acceleration is definitely improved, which reach 60 mph in under 13 seconds, while top speed increases from 62 mph to 75 mph. Additionally, a 22 kilowatt included on-board charger will be able to recharge in under an hour from a compatible 240-volt charging station.

The EV or Two Person could be the small car but certainly it’s the brand’s most important product launch for 2012. The price have been decided with the amount of $22,000. The Smart For Two Electric Drive mini car will be the first widely-available and affordable electric Smart Car in 2012.

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