Mark Zuckerberg Buys A Mk6 GTI Car, Receives A Present From Volkswagen With Video

Volkswagen Sending Letter To Mark Zuckerberg For Buying GTI

Earlier we have seen Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg buying four houses adjacent to his home in Palo Alto. And lately, Zuckerberg has bought a Volkswagen Mk6 GTI car for him. In appreciation to that, Volkswagen (VW) has sent him a present and made a video about it.

Volkswagen Sending Letter To Mark Zuckerberg For Buying GTI
Volkswagen Sending Letter To Mark Zuckerberg For Buying GTI

The Volkswagen GTI is one of the best-known budget performance cars sold in America. For more than 25 years, Volkswagen has been taking its entry-level, economy car-based two-door hatchback model and turning it into a GTI by adding a more powerful engine and brakes, a sport-tuned suspension, and special interior and exterior trim pieces. The result is a practical car that’s also fun to drive and desirable.

However, the Volkswagen Mk6 GTI sets itself apart from the pack with a truly upscale cabin and a high level of features that make the car almost seem like a luxury car. Standard equipment includes heated sport front seats, snazzy tartan upholstery, Bluetooth and an hi-fi audio system. And of all the cars in the world, the Volkswagen Mk6 GTI car attracted Zuckerberg and he decided to buy it, but not the auto transmission, rather the manual transmission. It’s really interesting while now a days people tend to buy auto shifting gear car, at then Zuckerberg buys manually gear shifting car.

Volkswagen Sends Zuckerberg A GTI Sweater Video

Volkswagen became very much happy because the CEO of world’s number 1 social networking site Facebook, which has more than 1.6 billion users currently, chose to buy Volkswagen Mk6 GTI. And that’s why, the company sent Zuckerberg a present. That’s not all. Volkswagen has made a video about it. Here’s the video.

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