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Volkswagen Sending Letter To Mark Zuckerberg For Buying GTI

Mark Zuckerberg Buys A Mk6 GTI Car, Receives A Present From Volkswagen With Video

Earlier we have seen Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg buying four houses adjacent to his home in Palo Alto. And lately, Zuckerberg has bought a Volkswagen Mk6 GTI car for him. In appreciation to that, Volkswagen (VW) has sent him a present and made a video about it.

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Volkswagen XL1 Concept Car Stretches Milage To 262 MPG

Volkswagen XL1, which was first unveiled at the Qatar Motor Show in 2011, is being said to be the world's most fuel-efficient car. However, after enormous tests lately it's been confirmed that the Volkswagen XL1 can go 262MPG (miles per gallon) average which is enough to drive from L.A. to San Francisco.

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Recharge Electric Vehicles In 20 Minutes

Electric vehicles (EVs) take hours after hours to get fully recharged. But lately, engineers from BMW and General Motors (GM) have announced that people will be able to recharge 80% of their electric vehicles (EV) just in 20 minutes using a DC Combo Fast Charger developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

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Detroit Auto Show Kicked Off Today: New Cars Debuted

We have seen car makers unveiling new upcoming cars at auto shows which is been held at different places at different times. Today the North American International Auto Show Detroit Auto Show is kicking off. Let’s take a look at a glance what new cars will be unveiled before the show starts.

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Harmonized Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Solution

Seven auto manufacturers have signed an agreement to collaborate on a harmonized electric vehicle fast charging solution in the United States and Europe, which includes Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen. Besides being good for customers, the auto industry and makers of car-chargers, a standard will make the job easier for manufacturers and speed up the installation of common systems in different parts of the world. All seven car companies have also agreed to use the Green PHY communication protocol from the HomePlug Powerline Alliance and the Green PHY specification is designed for smart-grid and smart-energy applications......................

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Edison 2 VLC Light Electric Vehicle

Edison2 decided the next logical step for its Very Light Car was to put an electric engine in it and the eVLC has been put through the EPA-certified ringer and come out boasting a jaw-dropping 245MPGe. Using the latest, more stringent, 5-cycle EPA tests the strange looking vehicle posted a miles-per-gallon equivalent almost 250-percent that of the Nissan leaf and the four-passenger eVLC also scored an impressive 114 mile range on its tiny 10.5 kWh battery and also ucked down a full charge in six hours from a standard 110v socket. The biggest hurdle for the Edison2 crew still lies ahead: convincing the world that its extremely lightweight (1,031 pounds) eVLC is safe to drive on public roads and computer simulations show that meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards is within the eVLC's reach, but actual crash testing, which is scheduled to begin in late 2011.................

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Volkswagen Develops Temporary Auto Pilot

Volkswagen has developed a new temporary autopilot system for cars called TAP, which Volkswagen describes as a semi automatic driving mode that will drive your car at the speed you have selected and also keep you at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, system is capable of reducing the vehicles speed before a bend, and is also designed to maintain the cars central position within the lane markers. Another capability of this system is observing lane rules and speed limits and also it's a semi-automatic system so you need to continually monitor the car, but you really shouldn’t be napping while the car is flying down the highway at 75MPH..........

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HomePlug GP Networking Specification

BMW, Porsche, others announce support for HomePlug's EV networking spec and the networking specification would allow electric car owners to link their plug-ins to the Smart Grid via the same ports used to charge their batteries, opening up new, Powerline-based possibilities. This means that in the future electric-car owners will be able to easily manage and monitor their cars' power consumption and you can use the same IP network as other devices in the home...........

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