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Upcoming New York Mayor May Support Taxi Mafia

A number of ridesharing services have cropped up in recent years. These include the likes of Uber, Sidecar and others, offering far more affordable transportation solutions than regular taxis. However, these services may not be welcome in New York where a new mayor is all set to unabashedly side with the taxi mafia.

Uber Car Service Formally Launched In Singapore

Uber, the popular car service that already has a presence in three continents, has finally made a formal debut in Asia. For many weeks now, Uber had its cars 'test-driving' through Singapore. The company has formally announced the launch of the service in the city-state.

Uber Plans To Launch Low-Cost Hybrid Rides

Uber is a very well-known name in transportation entrepreneurship. The company has disrupted taxi businesses in a lot of tourist spots by offering its own fleet of luxury vehicles. Although the cost of taking an uber ride is nearly double that of a taxi, a lot of people are willing to pay this additional sum due to the excellent car on its fleet.
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