10 schöne Vorlagen für iBooks Autor angeboten von Buchpalette

iBooks Author is a popular feature that will be even more relevant now that Apple has launched it’s own textbooks. But the problem with iBooks Author is that it has limited templates for users to choose from. To help with this, Jumsoft has released Book Palette for Mac. This is an app which provides you ten stylish and sleek templates, in addition to the default templates offered by iBooks Author. Moreover, Jumsoft has also promised that more templates are on their way.

The best part about these new templates offered by Book Palette is that they can be customized to a great extent. So you can tweak the template so as to look it unique and hasn’t been used by anyone. Moreover, in case you are fine with the templates offered by the app, you can use them right away. They are ready-to-use.

Each templates deals with all the important aspects of editing a book. Every template contains section and page layouts. These include covers, chapter pages, simple text pages, tables of contents and glossary pages.

Your can add your own text boxes and interactive media to these templates as well as tweak the different objects in the templates by reshaping, moving or removing them. In this way, you can greatly customize these templates to suit exactly what you need your books to look like. The customization also allows for re-use of the templates since you can tweak and customize one template to work for two different books.

The Book Palette app is available in the Mac App Store for a fair price tag of $2.99.

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